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About Prairie Oaks

Vision: To be a catalyst of rejuvenation for people and the planet. 

Our Mission

To cultivate ways of living and leading that affirm the interdependence of all living things and connect self, spirit, community and earth for a resilient and renewed future.

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Our History

As they sought to re-envision their century-old family farm for a new era, the Devine family founded POI in 2002 as an educational non-profit organization and donated 20 acres of the property. Prairie Oaks honors their legacy by preserving a distinctive natural habitat and providing space for learning and reflection, where all who visit can be reminded of who they are and who they’re called to be.

Our Work

Our work is focused in three areas: Ecology & Sustainability, Retreat & Renewal, and
Education & Leadership Development for the Common Good.

As a unique mix of place,
programs, and pause, POI invites people to explore the inner and outer landscapes of
their lives and to reconnect soul and role in order to live, work and lead for the sake of
the common good.

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